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Let's sing a song for only us [entries|friends|calendar]

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[December 31st, 2006]
new journal:

add me!
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[November 27th, 2006]
Do you have something to tell me? Something you think I should know?
Comment all you want. As many times as you want. Even if it's just "Hi".

(you can even comment anonymously if you wish)
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[July 1st, 2006]
Have you ever had something to say to someone but didn't quite know how to put it? Have you ever heard a song and had it remind you completely of one person? Have you ever needed to tell someone you love them, but not been brave enough to say it? Leave an anonymous comment here with the persons user name and your radio dedications.
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[May 24th, 2006]
100 question surveyCollapse )
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[March 6th, 2005]

Friends Only
Comment to be added

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